New: Lotus Plaza - "Come Back"


It might surprise you to learn that some of your favorite moments of nostalgic sun-blind guitar fuzz in Deerhunter’s catalog were written by its unassuming rhythm guitarist Lockett Pundt (“Strange Lights,” “Like New,” “Agoraphobia,” and, most impressively, Halcyon Digest standout “Desire Lines,” to name a few), who’s been quietly releasing music on his own as Lotus Plaza for as long as his band’s been in the public spotlight.

Pundt’s latest solo offering is the literally epic “Come Back,” a typically hazy nine minutes of something we might call dream-pop (if only because it’s, uh, dreamy and poppy) were it not for that insane, dizzyingly distorted guitar tone about five minutes in. “Come Back” and its b-side “Longest Days,” a collab with Pundt’s fiancée, will drop, appropriately, on Valentine’s Day, and Pundt’s second album as Lotus Plaza, Spooky Action at a Distance, drops April 2 on Kranky.