New: Majical Cloudz, "Your Eyes"

The duo release their first post-Impersonator track

Montreal duo Majical Cloudz crafted a beautifully dark, brooding album with 2013's Impersonator, an album founded on minimalist blueprints but also offering an immense volume of bass. Of course, it was Devon Welsh's powerful vocals that truly set them apart, leading many to claim Impersonator as one of the year's finest albums. On the heels of the LP's success, not to mention opening for Lorde on an arena tour, cult followers of Majical Cloudz have risen significantly, all of whom will be pleased to find that, today, the duo unleashed a new song called "Your Eyes" onto the net. For those of us who have seen them perform, the song may sound familiar, as they've played it live several times.

Via the band:

"Over the last five weeks we have had some of the best experiences we have ever had as a band. A lot of it still feels unreal. We played 20 shows with Lorde. We met an uncountable number of people at the shows and played for even more. We did it all with a crew of 4 people in a minivan. How did this happen?

As a thank you we are giving away this song, “Your Eyes”. I originally recorded it in 2011, and when Matt and I started playing shows together as Majical Cloudz this was always part of the set. It’s kind of a relic of the earliest period of our life as a band, so if you are finding out about us for the first time in the wake of our tour with Lorde, this will take you back to the beginning of our music-making days together. We made this new version just before we left on tour, so in one sense it is old and in another sense it is new.

It has been great meeting all of you. We will be touring the USA again soon, and in the meantime we are working on a bunch of new music."

Hear "Your Eyes" below: