New: Mary J Blige - "Mr. Wrong" f/ Drake


Mary J Blige is, rightfully, an R&B deity – for more than 20 years, the New York singer has been delivering soul-inflected slow jams, intoxicating even her most jaded listeners with that singular powerhouse voice. She released My Life in 1994 and is just now getting around to the sequel, My Life II: The Journey Continues (Act 1).

It’s not like she was quiet in the interim – in fact, in those seventeen prolific years making music, she likely racked up a lot of experience to transform into song. Second single “Mr. Wrong” sees Blige passionately bemoaning the fact that “bad boys ain’t no good / good boys ain’t no fun,” and how though her man (given voice through a pretty nice verse from Drake) is no good, she can’t seem to get away. Blige knows her strengths – the production and beat are simple, allowing her voice to shine through.

Mary J Blige - "Mr. Wrong" f/ Drake