NEW: Matt & Kim - "Block After Block" & "Wires"


This Tuesday (tomorrow), Brooklynites Matt & Kim will release their third record Sidewalks, and let’s hope it’s full of songs like “Block After Block” (and intoxicating first single “Cameras,” which you should be listening to all the time already). You cannot help but smile when you listen to this song. You cannot help but smile from the first second – their incorrigible ability to do that might be Matt & Kim’s greatest strength. It also might be their flawless pop sensibility: you could hear it on any top-40 radio station and it would fit like a glove.

Matt & Kim - Block After Block

“Wires” is all voices intertwined like the wires Matt Johnson yelps about over quick snare and mirrored synth and xylophone. It’s one of the band’s longer songs, but every sweet, life-affirming second is necessary.

Matt & Kim - Wires