New: Michael Jackson, "Do You Know Where Your Children Are?"

Hear another new song from the forthcoming Xscape

Another day, another Michael Jacskon song. The hype machine is full throttle on this one. And the latest to come out in anticipation of Xscape, the second posthumous album from the King of Pop, will surely turn more heads than the rest - even the Justin Timberlake-featuring one - because of its obvious awkward title - "Do You Know Where Your Children Are?" - it brings to mind, among other things, Homer Simpson sitting at the TV, being asked that very question to which he responds "For the last time, no. Where is Bart anyways? His food's getting all cold and eaten."

According to, the song title is actually in reference to those PSA's that ran in the U.S. from the 60's - 80's. Jackson had wrote the song for 1988's Bad about "kids being raised in a broken family." The Timbaland influence is a bit more discernible on this one, but it meshes quite well. Hear it over at, but if that site is crashing, listen to it below:

Xscape is out on May 13th.