New: Michael Jackson, "Loving You" + "Blue Gangsta"

Hear two new songs from Xscape

We're days away from the official release of Xscape, the second posthumous album from the King of Pop Michael Jackson, and we now have access to four out of the album's eight tracks. We've already heard the Justin Timberlake-featuring "Love Never Felt So Good" and "Chicago", and now you can feast your ears on two new tracks: "Blue Gangsta" and "Loving You."

True to its name, "Loving You" is a personal affair, carried on a heartfelt piano melody that accentuates Jackson's signature crooning. From everything we've heard thus far, this one certainly feels the most like classic Michael, a feel good Motown ballad that doesn't have any contemporary hip hop spin on it. "Blue Gangsta" is its polar opposite, darker and more mysterious, showing off Jackson's limitless vocal range over a marching band-style production headed by Timbaland. The two play off of one another quite well, showing the diverging ways in which we can enjoy the legacy of Michael Jackson. Though I won't lie, as I am more of a classic Michael man myself, "Loving You" is a definite stand-out from Xscape. Drops May 13th.