New: Nicki Minaj - "Yasss Bish!!" (f. Soulja Boy)

These bitches is her sons, and they ain't in her will.
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Nicki Minaj has been steadily dropping teasers from her upcoming third record The Pink Print, and they've pretty much all promised a return to the firestorming sound that got us on her side in the first place. Her newest offering, "Yasss Bish!!," is no different - produced by and featuring Soulja Boy, with cover art inspired by Orange is the New Black, it features what's possibly Nicki's most abrasive line in that long-standing metaphor - "these bitches is my sons and they ain't in my will" - alongside a slew of caustic braggadocio. Check it out - we're anticipating the first official single from The Pink Print soon, and it'll purportedly be out in full this summer.