New: SBTKRT - "Voices In My Head" (ft. A$AP Ferg and Warpaint)

An admittedly unexpected collaboration that works like a dream.
SBTRKT Wonder Where We Land

Everything we've heard from SBTRKT'sWonder Where We Land has been spectacularly awesome, deeply weird, endlessly relistenable, and totally unlike its predecessor. We're not complaining, because these songs are great and at this point we're just trusting in SBTRKT's genius. Here's another new one, "Voices In My Head," a song that sounds like its title, which features A$AP Ferg telling a pretty dark story about a bad drug experience as Warpaint's Emily Kokal delivers ghostly background vocals and Stella Mozgawa plays jazzy drums to back up SBTRKT's chilling piano chords. Somehow, it works like a kind-of-bad dream, not quite a nightmare, but something that you wake up from feeling unsettled. Check it out - Wonder Where We Land is out September 23rd.