New: Sleigh Bells - "Born To Lose"

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It probably didn’t surprise you that Sleigh Bells’ next record will be titled Reign of Terror, because that’s just what they’ve had over your eardrums since 2010 unleashed Treats on the world. It likely won’t surprise you that their first single from that record, “Born to Lose” (ostensibly not a Lana del Rey response), is positively abrasive.

With enough double bass to physically shake your speakers, one of Derek Miller’s traditional knife-sharp distorted riffs, and some echo-y schoolyard cheerleader chants from Alexis Krauss, this is Sleigh Bells in finest form. Krauss told Spin she’s contributed more to the songwriting on Reign of Terror; here you can feel a little more of her pop-influenced hand. We absolutely adore that minor-key wind-out at the end. Listen to it twenty times.

SLEIGH BELLS – "Born To Lose"

Reign of Terror is out February 14th.