New: The Internet - "Visions"


Good news – the internet didn’t develop a sentient consciousness and make a record called Purple Naked Ladies: rather, Syd Tha Kid (better known in her role as Odd Future’s DJ) and her producer friend Matt Martian have chosen the most un-Googleable band name of all time to make mellow, sexy electro-lounge music, and that’s seriously the title of their debut record, which is out on digital retails now. (Physical release comes on January 31st.)

You can hear a little bit of their new song “Visions” right now – we’re really into its house-y, ambient background synth drones and flourishes, and those sultry female vocals: so not what we’ve come to expect from any member of OFWGKTA – except maybe Frank Ocean. We just wish it didn’t cut off so soon! Check it out.

THE INTERNET – "Visions"

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