New: The Rapture - "In Love Divine"

The Rapture In The Grace Of Your Love

We’re getting kind of jealous of Japanese fans of American music, who seem to be get all sorts of secret b-sides and hidden tracks. Thankfully, we’ve got the universal power of the internet, so we’ve got the latest Japanese-edition exclusive bonus track, tacked on to the Rapture’s awesome In the Grace of Your Love, and appropriately titled “In Love Divine.”

We love that record’s self-assured step in a new, Ibiza-club direction, but “In Love Divine” is something you might expect more from the Rapture of 2005. Serpentine basslines and knife-sharp (at times, even metal-esque!) guitar remind us of “Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks,” but Luke Jenner’s vocal line and the song’s epic ambient electro outro keep the track firmly rooted in the new.

The Rapture - "In Love Divine"