New: Willow Smith, "Female Energy" & Jaden Smith, "Jetskis"

Both produced by AzZi

We learned this year that not only do the Smith kids have respectable taste in music, sampling the likes of Justin Timberlake, King Krule, or The xx in the various songs they've shared recently, but they're also pretty damn talented too, particularly given how young they are. Jaden is a surprisingly thought-provoking lyricist, and Willow shines with a truly distinctive command of her voice (again, crazy for her age–she turns 14 on Halloween). Today, though technically unrelated (save for their blood relation) the two unveiled new music to the world with Willow's "Female Energy," where she freestyle sings over a woozy beat, and Jaden's short but captivating "Jetskis." Both were produced by AzZi, and both can be heard below. Who woulda thought this guy would raise such effortlessly cool hipsters?