New: Woods, "Tomorrow's Only Yesterday"

Hear a non-album cut from the prolific New York psych-rockers

I think it's pretty safe to say that Woods are one of the most prolific bands of the indie folk-rock scene spanning the past decade. Putting out basically an album a year since 2006, the band lead by Jeremy Earl have shown no signs of slowing down, releasing With Light and With Love earlier this year, and now readying a new 7" single of two non-album tracks. You've heard the first, "Tambourine Light," and now you can check out the second, "Tomorrow's Only Yesterday," a sprawling psych-rock anthem that sounds slightly more polished than their usual repertoire, yet still surrounded by noise and reverb. Check it out below; Tambourine Light/Tomorrow's Only Yesterday 7" comes out on July 8th via Earl's Woodsist label.