Nicolas Jaar is Darkside


You’ve probably been hearing 21-year-old Nicolas Jaar’s name all over the place lately, and with good reason. As if one killer release in 2011 wasn’t enough, the young electro genius followed up his Space is Only Noise LP with a short but super-sweet EP called Don’t Break My Love, and now he’s put out another short, self-titled EP as Darkside, a collaborative project with his friend Dave Harrington.

If you were really feeling the hyper-minimalistic dizzy electronica Jaar churns out under his own name, you’ll probably be into his more rock-inflected music too – Darkside maintains the minimalist aesthetic Jaar’s long cultivated, layering simple and unadorned guitar lines atop atmospheric electronic washes. The final product comes out somewhere between Krautrock and Balearic electro – we’ll leave you to decide where. Of the EP’s three tracks we’re partial to the throbbing, undulating grooves of “A1” and “A3” – check them out. You can grab the EP over at Clown & Sunset.