Nicolas Jaar x Sasha Spielberg: "Avalanche"


Here’s a list of weird / awesome things electro prodigy Nicolas Jaar has done recently – release an aluminum cube of music called The Prism (it features songs by Jaar and friends and, based on Jaar’s label’s website, acts like a mini MP3 player, just one you can’t put any new music on or rip any music off), collaborate with Steven Spielberg’s daughter Sasha to record a prism-exclusive cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Avalanche” as Just Friends, and make a really excellent BBC 1 Essential Mix. Thankfully for those of you who don’t have $40 to drop on twelve songs (they're great though), you can now sample at least one of the prism’s tracks, said collaboration with Sasha Spielberg. Like Jaar’s last musical jaunt with a celebrity’s daughter (surely you remember “With Just One Glance” with Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's scion Scout LaRue), it’s a sexy, gorgeous, minimalistic slow-burner that sounds simultaneously futuristic and eternal. Check it out.

Just Friends: "Avalanche" (Leonard Cohen cover)