Nicolas Jaar's Label Other People Announce Work Compilation

Including tracks by Jaar, Darkside, Dave Harrington, Soul Keita, and more.
other people work

Other People is the subscription-service label run by Darkside's Nicolas Jaar (as though dude weren't already accomplished enough), and they're gearing up to release a 12" called Work, which'll show off their diverse array of affiliated artists as well as remixes from friends. It'll be out September 29th; you can peruse the tracklist below in the meantime. It includes tracks from Jaar, his collaborator Dave Harrington, and two scrapped tracks from their Psychic recording sessions as Darkside.

Other People's Work Compilation:
01 Nicolas Jaar: "The President's Answering Machine"
02 Soul Keita: "Freedom"
03 Dave Harrington ft. Tamara: "Things Behind The Sun"
04 Visuals: "A Pixel"
05 Darkside: "What They Say"
06 Ancient Astronaut vs. Powell: "SSCS (Powell's 'Lift Off' Mix)"
07 Darkside: "Gone Too Soon"
08 Ancient Astronaut vs. Jelinek: "B2 (Jelinek Remix)"
09 Dave Harrington: "Form And Affect"
10 Ancient Astronaut vs. Francis Harris & Gabriel Hedrick: "B2 (Dub)"
11 Nicolas Jaar: "The Boy Who Asked Too Much"