Nine Inch Nails - "Came Back Haunted"

New album, Hesitation Marks is out September 3rd.
Nine Inch Nails Came Back Haunted

We knew Nine Inch Nails was quasi-reuniting, we knew they'd release a new record this year, and, thanks to a memorable Trent Reznor interview quote from last week, we knew that record would be "fucking great." Now we know the record's title, Hesitation Marks, and its first single, "Came Back Haunted," which sounds, exhilaratingly, like a Nine Inch Nails song — somewhere in the delirious, post-apocalyptic wasteland between pop and industrial that, heretofore, has pretty much only been successfully inhabited by Reznor and company. Reznor sounds title-appropriately possessed here, and we sense those brutal guitar interludes will make this a highlight of the band's massive upcoming tour.

Download "Came Back Haunted" by pre-ordering Hesitation Markson iTunes. The album is officially out September 3rd.

Bonus: Trent also shared a SoundCloud playlist with everyNIN single since 1989.