No Age - "An Impression"

Before this, we never thought to use the phrases “No Age” and “really pretty song” together.

We've never used the phrases "No Age" and "really pretty song" together - because why would we, the L.A.-based duo are really good at a lot of things, but they've never really tried their hand at pretty songs - until today: here's a really pretty new song from No Age, "An Impression," from their upcoming An Object, which is shaping up to be one of our favorite records of the year. Sure, Randy Randall's guitar noise hazes up the background, but a lovely, almost bubbly (!) guitar and bass interplay backs up Dean Spunt's lovelorn vocals. We were almost waiting for an "Everybody's Down"-esque percussion explosion, but instead we got a string section interlude, which is just as awesome in our book. An Object is out August 20.