Odd Future's Internet Remix Lana Del Rey


Indie'sInterscope's new little princess, Lana Del Rey must use a bottomless pit to store all these remixes of her two songs. The latest one came courtesy off Odd Future's smooth new group, Internet.

The original "Blue Jeans" – and "Video Games", for that matter – are contenders for jam of the year, in my book, and none of the remixes I've heard so far have come close to topping the original cuts. It may not be better but Internet's re-imagining of "Blue Jeans" is certainly inventive, incorporating the intricate percussion-loops and blown out synths Odd Future, namely Tyler, The Creator, made popular. Instead of coming off menacing, as Tyler usually does, Syd the Kid forges a backdrop with an almost Four Tet-like complexity and warmth. If anything, this remix has me even more excited for new Internet material. Listen below:

Lana Del Rey - "Blue Jeans" (Internet Remix)

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