of Montreal - "she ain't speakin' now"


You ever get that feeling when you're sick when the inside of your head feels like a Destruction Unit song (ie. a nightmarish, psychedelic, distorted, burned landscape)? Well, so does of Montreal's Kevin Barnes, who wrote new lousy with sylvainbriar single "she ain't speakin' now" while his wife and daughter were sick and he was afraid of catching what they had. The track sounds appropriate to that setting - dizzy, woozy guitar distortion, delicate vocals that sometimes shove up a little too far into the red, mood swings from sleepy waltz to reverb-scrubbed psych-pop bubble... Basically, like you're sick and lying around in bed while there's a beautiful day unfolding outside. At least you have the day off work, though. Check it out - lousy with sylvainbriar is out October 8.