LISTEN: Six New Daft Punk Songs from 'Tron: Legacy"

As you may or may not have known, Disney is finally releasing a sequel to 1982's seminal film Tron (watch trailer below). One of my favorite things about the original Tron, was it's estimable score, composed by avant-garde electronic musician Wendy Carlos, who also scored films like The Clockwork Orange and The Shining. It's really fitting then, to have a duo as prolific and influential as Daft Punk to score Tron: Legacy. (Continue Reading)


NEW: Arcade Fire - "Rococo"

Over the weekend, Arcade Fire's immense third full-length album, The Suburbs, it the internet illegitimately to the cheer of scores of Arcade Fire fans. For those who choose not to chase leaks around, or simply don't know how about them, Radio 1's Zane Lowe premiered another track off Suburbs — "Rococo" — to further whet your appetite. (Continue reading)


NEW: Skream x La Roux - "Finally"

Skream turned many onto his ghostly dubstep world with his prodigious remix of La Roux's "In For The Kill" (still one of my favorite dubstep remixes ever), and the young dubstep wizard and a La Roux have — you will pardon the pun — "Finally" joined forces again. (Continue reading to listen)