ON DECK 10/28



ALBUM REVIEW: Dam Funk - Adolescent Funk

75 — [Rating Scale]

No, that is not Rick James and his posse. To those in the know, Dam Funk is the real deal, an aficionado of boogie funk who has been djing and mixing tapes since the 80s. Discovered by Stones Throw's head honcho Peanut Butter Wolf, Damon G. Riddick released his first collection of tunes, Toeachizown, in 2009 under the moniker Dam Funk. At Wolf's request, Funk gathered a more vintage assortment of grooves for his new LP, Adolescent Funk, out this week via Stones Throw. These teenage cassette tape numbers, recorded throughout 1988 to 1992, give an inside perspective of Riddick's origins as a musician, and introduces today's pretty much funkless society to an oldschool way to groove. (Continue Reading)


REC’D: Glasser – “Apply”

Glasser is the solo project of Californian chanteuse Cameron Mesirow, who recorded much of her debut EP and the following 7” on Garageband. She refined and rearranged most of these songs for her debut record Ring, released earlier this month, and first track “Apply” is a perfect introduction: it’s as sweet, sensuous, and slick as the rest of them. (Continue Reading)


MP3: Nosaj Thing – “Fog” (Jamie xx Remix)

Jamie Smith, head beatmaker for UK minimalists the xx, pays back LA-based “musical moderator” Nosaj Thing for his remix of the XX’s “Islands” with this spacey, dubsteppy reworking of “Fog.” (Continue Reading)


HIGHLY REC'D: Crystal Castles - "Not in Love" f/ The Cure's Robert Smith

Update: Crystal Castles have decided to give the song away for free!
Crystal Castles’ next single from their 2010 second self-titled record is woozy, dreamlike cover of Platinum Blonde's “Not In Love,” and for the A-side of the single due December 6, Robert Smith takes the reins from the original’s auto-tuned vocals. (Continue Reading)


LISTEN: Salem - "Tair"

Midwestern three-piece electro-crunk-house-gazers (I’m doing the best I can!) Salem have done a lot of weird things in their short career, weirdest – and best – probably being making music so absolutely unheard of that it warrants making up genre names like "witch house." The truth is, Salem is so everything that it’s impossible to pigeonhole them as one thing, and attempting to pigeonhole Salem into one genre, no matter the ridiculous names you try to make up, is a fruitless gesture. (Continue Reading)


WATCH: The Streets - "Trust Me"

British rapper Mike Skinner, better known by incongruously plural stage name The Streets, is done with the game. Claiming in 2008 that his next record would be his last, Skinner labored with two years on an album he claimed would sound like Berlin –- the city –- and bear the title Computers and Blues. “Trust Me,” Skinner’s first official release in two years, doesn’t sound much like Berlin, but it’s sweet nonetheless. Skinner raps in that tender and robotic way over wailing backup vocals and string flourishes that sound like symphonies ending -– a nice metaphor, perhaps, for his last effort. (Continue Reading)


REC'D: Gold Panda - "You" / "Snow & Taxis"

London beatmaker Gold Panda has just released his debut LP Lucky Shiner, after teasing us with last year's stellar “Quitter's Raga.” The first two singles off the album, “You” and “Snow & Taxis” give a glimpse of this producer's range of skills, the former sounding like a Middle Eastern chillwave odyssey, the latter a riveting dance track equipped with soaring chimes, synths and drumkits. (Continue Reading)