RECOMMENDED: The Pass - "Trap of Mirrors" MP3

"Trap of Mirrors" is the first single off the Pass' debut album BURST. A few weeks ago we premiered the music video to the excellent "Treatment of the Sun", but with "Trap of Mirrors", The Pass are giving away the mp3 for your downloading pleasure. As if you need any other incentive to download free music from The Pass, I can assure you that "Trap of Mirrors" is instantly catchy and lives up to early favorites from their Colors EP like "Crosswalk Stereo". I hope big things come the Pass' way; their saccharine pop sensibility can't be ignored. (Continue reading to DOWNLOAD)


WATCH: My Gold Mask - "Dancing On My Own" (Robyn Cover)

You might remember My Gold Mask from last year's feverishly good "Violet Eyes" single, or their respectable A Thousand Voices EP (this is the first time you've heard of the band, I highly recommend check out the aforementioned links). The band has been hard at work recording new material for an upcoming 12" single due out in September. Gretta and Jack have also touring and pleasing crowds left and right. In fact, they sent us a video of them covering Robyn's "Dancing On My Own" at Chicago's Hideout last month. WATCH HERE.


LISTEN: Usher - Hot Toddy (feat. Jay-Z)

The weirdly homo-erotically titled "Hot Toddy" is Usher's upcoming single with Jay-Z, set to hit urban circuits in a couple of weeks. "Hot Toddy" is a hot little number that deserves a listen or two from even the most discerning listeners, who are probably still nose deep in Arcade Fire's new album. Don't worry about your cred and give "Toddy" a listen, if not only for Jay-Z aka King HOV's verse. If it means anything to you, it's miles ahead of America's ridiculously idiotic current No. 1 single. (Continue reading)


NEW?: Lauryn Hill - Repercussions

Is Lauryn Hill back with "Repercussions"? Possibly. That's is what Hill responds when asked if she's recording new material. If "Repercussions" is indeed new, it is the first taste of the too-long awaited Miseducation of Lauren Hill follow-up. (Continue Reading)


WATCH: Girls - Oh My Love

In the video below you will find Girls' frontman, Christopher Owens, perform a brand new "kind of a country song", which he says will sound cool if Taylor Swift "adapted" it. I've got to admit, he has a point. With talks of forever-lasting puppy love and references to pretty lies and pretty eyes, "Oh My Love" has Taylor Swift written all over it. Maybe a duet? Holler @taylorswift13 on Twitter and make it happen. (Continue reading to watch)