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MP3/WATCH: The Pass - "Criminal"


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REC'D: Avey Tare - "Oliver Twist"

For his first solo record Down There, Animal Collective cofounder Dave Portner churned out a set of songs that, like his main project, meet at the collision of tuneful and ambient. “Oliver Twist,” one of the album’s highlights, might be a perfect example: it’s occasionally got that “sample jockey” element of stacked and layered interpolated pieces, it’s got that wistful droning element that recalls the introductions to the songs on Animal Collective’s last release Fall Be Kind, sometimes the rhythm is hard to find or follow, and sometimes you can feel that foot-tapping beat in your heart and Portner’s endearing, juvenile voice and hum seem to come, unadulterated, from everywhere around you, and it’s hard to think of something that sounds more vulnerable. (Continue Reading)


NEW: Matt & Kim - "Block After Block" & "Wires"

This Tuesday (tomorrow), Brooklynites Matt & Kim will release their third record Sidewalks, and let’s hope it’s full of songs like “Block After Block” (and intoxicating first single “Cameras,” which you should be listening to all the time already). (Continue Reading)


NEW: Kid Cudi - "Scott Mescudi vs. The Word" & "Marijuana"

The self-personified “lonely stoner” Mr. Cudi brings his smooth flow and sweet, indie-pop-ish beats back into the limelight with two tracks from his upcoming Man on the Moon II, out November 9. (Continue Reading)