WATCH: Chiddy Bang Perform "Dream Chasin'", New Song Sampling Dr. Dog

Earlier this month, Chiddy Bang stopped by and performed a couple of tracks for the good people at Cleveland's 96.5 KISS FM, including The Swelly Express track "Dream Chasin'" and a brand new track off their upcoming debut LP, which will hopefully come out "at the end of Fall... September, October". We don't know what the brand new track is called yet, but we can tell that it samples Dr. Dog's "My Old Ways". (Continue Reading to WATCH)


LISTEN: New The Ting Tings - Hands

The Ting Tings are back with this Kyle Minogue-tinged dance-floor filler "Hands," taken from their still untitled sophomore album. The song was recorded in the Ting Tings' home studio and mixed by label mate Calvin Harris (which would explain the Minogue-ness of it all); and I wouldn't be surprised if the song's refrain: "Clap your hands if you're working too hard" becomes a ubiquitous yuppie anthem in the upcoming months. (Continue Reading)


RECOMMENDED DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z x Sleigh Bells - Jay Bells

It's a proven fact that Jay-Z can be mixed into any form of alternative rock and still sound amazing — be it The Beatles' White Album, Coldplay, Radiohead or Weezer — so why not fuse Jay-Z's immortal rhymes with the inescapably catchy noise of Sleigh Bells? WHY NOT?(Continue Reading)


DOWNLOAD: Free Energy - "Bang Pop" (Fools Gold Remix)

Free Energy's "Bang Pop" is easily the most instantly gratifying summer anthem of 2010, and this Fools Gold remix feels like quite the opposite. Where the original makes you want to speed down the highway and shout along to the lyrics, Lewis Pesacov's remix is chill, mellow and gradually building; losing all affect on your car's stereo. Don't worry, the remix is still a hero on your headphones. (Continue Reading)


LISTEN: New Flying Lotus - "Camera Day"

Flying Lotus is following up the undeniably excellent Cosmogramma with a seven track EP called Pattern+Grid World, later this year. Flying Lotus and Warp were kind enough to to upload the track to a SoundCloud account and let all of us listen to one of FlyLo's most chipper tracks to date — "Camera Day". (Continue Reading)


DOWNLOAD: Rihanna - "Rude Boy" (Blondes Remix feat. Mariah Carey)

Brooklyn's wonderfully hypnotic (and possibly psychotic) Blondes have chopped Rihanna Spring 2010 earworm "Rude Boy" to high heaven on this remix. (Continue Reading)