NEWS: Cee-Lo Green Album, "The Lady Killer" Gets Release Date

We finally have a release date for Cee-Lo Green's deliriously anticipated forthcoming solo album, The Lady Killer. According to a tweet, Cee-Lo Green's The Lady Killer will hit stores December 7 via Elektra Records. (Continue Reading)


NEWS: New Sufjan Stevens Album - "The Age of Adz"

Last Friday Sufjan Stevens released a gorgeous new sixty-minute EP, All Delighted People via Bandcamp (iTunes and Amazon followed the next Monday) and as many of us had anticipated, news of a full-length album has hit us. According to a press release, the new album will be called "The Age of Adz" ("Adz" pronounced "odds" in this case) and will be released very soon, October 12. Catch the tracklist here.


DOWNLOAD: All Tiny Creatures x Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) - "Iris"

Thomas Wincek of Collections of Colonies of Bees started a new band balled All Tiny Creatures, and their debut album called Harbors is expected later this year. If you recall, last year, Wincek and the rest of Collections of Colonies of Bees worked with Bon Iver leader Justin Vernon to become Volcano Choir. And now, Wincek has apparently called up Justin Vernon and asked him to led his legendary voice for Harbors' lead single, "Iris". (Continue Reading)


LISTEN: New UNKLE - "The Revenge" (feat. Lupe Fiasco)

Lupe Fiasco has hooked up with UNKLE once again, this time to remix their "The Revenge" for an upcoming EP, The Answer, which is due out September 13 in the UK and September 28 in the US. (Continue Reading)