On Deck: Vampire Weekend, Arcade Fire, Christina Aguilera x M.I.A., Madvillain

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Vampire Weekend - "Jonathan Low"

While we were all still giggling to ourselves at the fact that a band named Vampire Weekend agreed to contribute a song to the upcoming movie in the Twilight Saga, that very band decided to put up their Twilight song on the net. Looks like the joke's over, because "Jonathan Low" is beautiful, and we're somehow now grateful that there even is a third Twilight movie. You can listen to the new song here.

New Album: Arcade Fire - "The Suburbs"

Yesterday, two new songs from the Arcade Fire popped up — "The Suburbs" and "Month of May" — and today Arcade Fire broke out with news that their new album, also called The Suburbs will be released on August 3rd. You can pre-order it on CD or 2xLP. The photo above is the kickass album art.

Christina Aguilera - "Elastic Love" (ft. M.I.A.)

While I'm more of a "Ain't No Other Man" and "Hurt" kind of guy, I couldn't stay away from Christina Aguilera's new album. I do think most of the album is just Aguilera wasting her supermassive vocal abilities singing songs Britney Spears could moan over, but there are some can't-miss, rep-boosting collaborations in Bionic that deserve a listen or two. My favorites include songs with Sia and Peaches, but this little number with M.I.A. really shines a light on a question I've had for a while — "why would M.I.A. bag on Lady GaGa and then release something like 'XXXO'?" It all makes sense now — Christina Aguilera brainwashed her with her dirrty genie powers. (Continue reading to listen)

Madvillain - "Papermill"

Adult Swim just released a brand new song from DOOM and Madlib, aka Madvillain. It's called "Papermill" and it's the second track from their ongoing "8 Singles 8 Weeks" project. (DOWNLOAD)


Big Boi - "Shutterbug" (Music Video)