On Deck: Kanye West, Kid Cudi, B.o.B., Vampire Weekend


FIRST SINGLE: Kanye West - "Power"

There's a new Kanye West song making the rounds and accumulating take-down notices around the webs. Rumor has it that the song — "Power" — is the first single from Kanye West's glorious return to his College Dropout days, his upcoming LP tentatively titled Good Ass Job. (Continue reading to listen)

Kid Cudi - "All Talk" (ft. LCD Soundsystem, Christian Bale, Chip Tha Ripper)

Last night Kid Cudiposted "All Talk," beat courtesy of LCD Soundsystem's "Dance Yrself Clean". Like any song about fools being "all talk" should, "All Talk" features a vocal-sample of Christian Bale's infamous bitch fit. The song also features a verse from Chip Tha Ripper. (Continue reading to stream or download)

LP Giveaway: Janelle Monae - "The ArchAndroid"

Enter to win Janelle Monae's debut album, The ArchAndroid on vinyl.

B.o.B. - "Kids" (MGMT Cover)

I may not be able to stand the onslaught "Airplanes" gives me whenever I turn my car on, but I do commend B.o.B. on his potent debut album, The Adventures of Bobby Ray. It's not often that a mixtape rapper can take his online success and catapult himself into pop-sensation territory. Oh wait. Yesitis. Either way, it can't be easy juggling two super huge hits simultaneously. What's a poor rapper already complaining about stardom after two singles to do? Go to the UK and cover MGMT, I say. And as Idolator points out, if MGMT won't do it, then I'm glad someone will. (Continue reading to stream or donwload)

Just when you thought you were done defending Vampire Weekend against "elitist" remarks, they had to go and dress up like Mozart.