On Deck: M.I.A., The Golden Filter, Memory Tapes x Tanlines


M.I.A. - "Haters"

After a rather interestingfew days, M.I.A. has posted a new song on her NEET Blog called "Haters", which is not on the tracklisting for her upcoming album /\/\/\Y/\. It's safe to assume that after this (and last week's insanities), no journalist will be messing with Maya for a while. You can listen to what's essentially a diss-track here.

The Golden Filter - "Memorial Day" (Music Video)

Happy Memorial Day all, enjoy the official start of summer. To celebrate, you can listen/watch a brand new Golden Filter song called "Memorial Day" below. Remember, you can still download "Hide Me", Golden Filter's first single off their upcoming Voluspa LP for free. (Continue reading to watch)

Memory Tapes x Tanlines Remix Each Other

Back in January, Memory Tapes remixed Tanlines' wonderful "Real Life" and now, Tanlines have returned the favor and spruced up Memory Tapes' "Bicycle". Download the remixes here.