ON DECK: R.E.M., Kid Cudi x Kanye West, Salem, M.I.A., Klaxons


R.E.M. - "Feeling Gravity's Pull" (Athens Demo), PMA PREMIERE

R.E.M.'s classic 1985 album Fables of the Reconstruction will be remastered and reissued on July 13th via Capitol/I.R.S. The 25th Anniversary edition of Fables of the Reconstruction will include remastered versions of the album's original 11 tracks, and a second disc, featuring 14 unearthed "Athens Demos".  Today, we are honored to premiere the Athens Demo version of Fables opening track, "Feeling Gravity's Pull". You can stream the track here.

NEW SINGLE? Kid Cudi - "Erase Me" (feat. Kanye West)

KIISFM premiered this new Kid Cudi and Kanye West joint this morning and claimed its the first single from Cudi's upcoming Man On The Moon Pt. 2 LP. So much for "REVOFEV". But massive leaked songs aside, "Erase Me" is an altogether decent radio single, although surprisingly more B.o.B./Shwayze/Jonas Brothers than I'd expect or want Kid Cudi to sound. You can listen to the radio rip here.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Salem - "King Night"

Only a song like "King Night" can live up to an album cover like that (above). I've kept an open ear to Salem, without ever really investing in him. This new single is an arresting waking up call to anyone, including me, who wasn't already at Salem's feet. Salem's King Night is out September 28. Mark your calendars. (Continue reading to LISTEN and DONWLOAD)

M.I.A. - "Teqkilla"

M.I.A.'s inconceivably titled new album, /\/\ /\ Y /\ (can we please move on to calling it MAYA? pretty please?) is out in a couple of weeks, for those who need reminding. We've already heard quiteafewtracks from MAYA, but M.I.A.'s team keep them coming. This week we have "Teqkilla", another jam to come from the MAYA arsenal. (Continue reading to listen)

Klaxons - "Echoes"

I've never been a huge fan of Klaxons, but at the same time I've never not liked them. Their brand of danceable indie rock always sounded pleasant to me, but never moved to me explore anything beyond certain singles and other songs. Coupled with an eye-catching album cover, Klaxons' brand new single, "Echoes" is decidedly good. It's catchy and danceable, not unlike any other Klaxon song, but something about it makes me a tad bit more excited for their upcoming Surfing The Void than any of their previous releases. Maybe it's the Astro-Cat. (Continue reading to listen)