ON DECK: Dr. Dre x Jay-Z, Robyn, Mark Ronson, Villagers, Gorillaz, MGMT



NEW SINGLE?: Dr. Dre - "Under Pressure" (feat. Jay-Z)

I've been hearing about this collaboration for weeks now, and for once, it seems that a Detox rumor has come to fruition. (Continue reading to listen)


Listen to the New Robyn Album, "Body Talk Pt. 1" Now

Now you can stream Robyn's excellent Body Talk, Pt. 1 LP on the player below. The album came out this week, you can purchase it on Amazon and Insound. (Stream Album)


Mark Ronson - "Bang Bang Bang" (feat. Q-Tip, MNDR)

Receiving praise in equal measures for his work as a record producer and his uncanny ability to wear a suit, Mark Ronson is coming back hard with Record Collection, his follow-up to 2007's excellent Version. If "Bang Bang Bang" is any indication of what is to come, it is apparent that Ronson is taking a more accessible, danceable approach with his new album, dropping those enthralling horns sections that kept me coming back to Version. (Continue reading to listen)


Listen to the New Villagers Album, "Becoming A Jackal"

I've been spinning the Villagers' spellbinding Becoming A Jackal for weeks now, and it's about time you do too. Don't forget that you can still download the album's title-track here. (Stream Album)


Gorillaz - "On Melancholy Hill" (Music Video)

MGMT - "It's Working" (Music Video)