ON DECK: Florence and the Machine, Passion Pit, The Roots x Joanna Newsom, N.E.R.D x Yeasayer x Boys Noize



RECOMMENDED: Florence and the Machine - "Heavy In Your Arms"

I've talked quite a bit about the Twilight: Eclipse Soundtrack, which was released a couple of weeks ago. The soundtrack featured some exciting names, but like the last soundtrack, it seemed that the names were a bigger deal than the actual songs themselves. Maybe I'm jut not feeling the never-dying, morose melancholy each song is contractually obligated to secrete, or maybe it's just that more often than not, these arists aren't saving their prize work for a Twilight soundtrack. Obviously there are some gems in each soundtrack, something that did not skip Eclipse; Florence and the Machine's contribution would be one of those gems. (Continue reading to listen)


Passion Pit - "Dreams"

Passion Pit performed a cover of the Cranberries' 90s stable, "Dreams" when I saw them live, and as it turns out, they seem to do it a lot. So much, in fact, that the band decided to record a cover and include it in the recent reissue of Manners. (Continue reading to listen)

The Roots Joanna Newsom Right On

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: The Roots - "Right On" (feat. Joanna Newsom and STS)

On their striking new LP, How I Got Over, prolific group, the Roots rework "The Book of Right-On" by the goddess and her harp, Joanna Newsom, taken from her 2004 debut, The Milk-Eyed Mender, on the track "Right On". (Continue reading to listen)


N.E.R.D - "Hot N Fun" (Yeasayer and Boys Noize Remixes)

A couple of months ago, N.E.R.D's new single, "Hot N Fun" hit the internet, guns ablazing, loaded with a hypnotic bass line and a Nelly Furtado-laden hook. The song also came with news of a new album, Nothing, and an apparently tentative release date (it came and went without an album to be heard of). As we wait to be updated on the matter, Yeasayer and Boyz Noize have (separately) remixed the track, each offering their own unique spin on the dance-floor burner. (Continue reading to listen/download)


Drake and Jimmy Kimmel - "Tweet Tweet" Video

Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson Covers "Alejandro" by Lady GaGa, and it's fantastic

Wilco's Jeff Tweedy Covers Beyonce's "Single Ladies"

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