Oneohtrix Point Never Shares Unreleased Tracks "Rush" and "Bubs"

"Bubs" is a collaboration with PC Music's A.G. Cook.

Oneohtrix Point Never's Daniel Lopatin is feeling generous this holiday season - he's taken the opportunity to release two previously-unshared songs, "Rush" and "Bubs." In a statement, he said “its been a ruff year for planet earth and music sometimes feels like a slightly absurd vocation but i hope this increase joy by _%.” I can't speak for everyone but these songs have definitely increased my joy a bit - "Rush" is a dense, mathy composition you can get lost in, and the A.G. Cook collaboration (!!) "Bubs" takes PC Music's bubblegum vibe (do we detect some holiday flair to it here?) and filters it through OPN's weirdo alien world. Check out both songs below.