Check Out: Palehound - "Holiest"

Early frontrunner for our favorite new band in 2014.
Palehound Kitchen

Palehound's one of my favorite new bands - Ellen Kempner writes songs you can't believe didn't exist before and playfully, smirkingly calls out those everyday assholes whose little aggressions are driving her fucking crazy; her backing band flesh out her smart, bubbly arrangements into Technicolor real-time; the end product's charmingly nostalgic and endlessly relistenable. "Holiest" is their new single, the a-side on an upcoming 7" called Kitchen recorded at Brooklyn's Silent Barn, and we're obsessed with that '90s-college-radio guitar line and, as usual, with Kempner's verbose, wry lyrics. Check it out - remember, you can get Kitchen February 25 via Exploding in Sound.

Previously: Palehound was one of our favorite bands out of CMJ (who weren't Arcade Fire).