Panda Bear - Green Ray mix

Panda Bear

Panda Bear's been hijacking Daft Punk albums and performing new music on the road this year, but somehow he found time to do a little extracurricular stuff - including curate Lisbon's Green Ray festival, which goes down this coming Friday, December 13 (hopefully, it won't be plagued by any date-related bad luck). Whether or not you can make it to Portugal for the occasion, listen to a mix Panda made to celebrate, which features a handful of artists who are playing the festival, including Eric Copeland, Actress, and Panda Bear himself. And, you might discover some great music you haven't heard before. Check it out.

Panda Bear: "Green Ray" Tracklist:
01 Niagara: "Kraftor"
02 Eric Copeland: "A Little Tit"
03 Actress: "The Lord's Graffiti"
04 Ron Morelli: "No Real Reason"
05 Marcellus Pittman: "A Mix"
06 bEEdEEgEE: "Bricks"
07 Gala Drop: "Drop"
08 Panda Bear: "Ponytail"