Panda Bear - "The Preakness"


As we all heard, Animal Collective are putting out their own line of sneakers through the conscious footwear company Keep, all benefits of which will go to Socorro Island Conservation Fund. Each pair of the kicks will come with a cassette tape (kicking it retro) that features four previously unreleased tracks, one from each member of the collective. We've just come into possession of Noah Lennox aka Panda Bear's contribution to the tape, a Baltimore (A.C.'s hometown) themed tune called “The Preakness.”

The song is reeking of nostalgia and witty vocal harmonies, ergo a signature Panda Bear tune. In other Panda Bear news, his insanely anticipated Tomboy comes out April 12th via Paw Tracks. In the meanwhile, check out "The Preakness" below:

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