Panda Bear - "You Can Count On Me" & "Alsatian Darn"

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You Can Count On Me, the second single in a series that should make up (Animal Collective's) Panda Bear's second LP, Tom Boy will be released on October 19 (update: Domino seems to be sold out already). “You Can Count On Me” contains a steady, solid rhythm throughout reinforcing the balance and stability Panda Bear is singing about. The vocals and instrumentals follow a comforting pattern making the listener fall into an easy daze. It’s hard to imagine that whoever Panda Bear is singing to wouldn’t be convinced to believe his heartfelt message here.

The flip side track “Alsatian Darn” is even more beautiful than what is on the A-side. The song contains a wonderful and mesmerizing build that grabs you only a few seconds in and refuses to let go. The growing synths create an immediate head nodding that is only strengthened by the later percussion which should start some foot tapping as well. Panda Bear utilizes his voice as another powerful instrument on this track that flows very well with the music. It may take a few listens before “Alsatian Darn” really hits you, but when it does the song will probably stay on repeat for a while. Listen to both sides of the single below:

Panda Bear - You Can Count On Me 7" by jp917