Parquet Courts / PC Worship Supergroup PCPC Shares "Fell Into the Wrong Crowd"

Take eleven minutes out of your day for some simmering guitar noise.

Leave it to Parquet Courts, who have compiled on their blog a list of all the times music writers have referred to them as "slackers," to make every other musician active in 2014 look like they just dropped a couple songs then spent all the rest of their time catching up on Netflix. The guys have just released an eleven-minute song from their supergroup with PC Worship, aptly dubbed PCPC, called "Fell Into the Wrong Crowd," and it sounds exactly like you'd expect the unholy matrimony of these two great bands to sound - Parquet Courts' driving guitar, PC Worship's taste for drones, noise, and rhythmic vocals. And this isn't the only new material we're getting from Parquet Courts in the dregs of this year - they're still prepping Content Nausea for November 11th release. Everyone else: step your game up! Check out "Fell Into the Wrong Crowd" below.