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Passion Pit - "Dreams"

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Passion Pit performed a cover of the Cranberries' 90s stable, "Dreams" when I saw them live, and as it turns out, they seem to do it a lot. So much, in fact, that the band decided to record a cover and include it in the recent reissue of Manners. Personally, I didn't touch the reissue (since when do albums 12 months old need to be reissued?), so big thanks to the Mike to sent the track over this morning.

As a fan of the original, I'm glad to say that the cover is pretty loyal to the original, while still carrying itself with that air of falsetto/synth overkill we've grown to expect and love from Passion Pit. You can now buy the Manners "Deluxe" Edition at Insound for a few bucks. Or if you'd prefer, you can buy Passion Pit's cover of "Dreams" on iTunes for one buck, just make sure to listen to it below first:

Passion Pit - "Dreams"