Passion Pit remix Portugal. The Man's "Purple Yellow Red & Blue"

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We're not all that picky when it comes to good remixes - we just love a good groove, because we're human beings and human beings just wanna groove (my scientific proof's pending here, but I don't think anyone would really disagree). By those standards then, this is a Very Good Remix - Passion Pit take on Portugal. The Man's already party-ready jam "Purple Yellow Red & Blue," amp up the bass, and dial the drum machine up a few notches; the end product has a kind of disco-y, updated Bee Gees vibe (and that's a huge compliment). Basically, here's the latest practically-mandatory candidate for your summertime party playlist. Check it out - and check out the original too, on Portugal's new, brilliantly titled record Evil Friends, which is out now.