Peter Bjorn and John Share New Song "High Up (Take Me to the Top)"


Peter Bjorn and John return with their first new song in four years - "High Up (Take Me to the Top)". It's off of INGRID Volym 2, the trio's upcoming Record Store Day release with their Scandinavian label/artist collective INGRID. Listen below:

You can pick up "High Up" and the rest of INGRID Volym 2 on Record Store Day, this Saturday.

INGRID Volym 2 Tracklist:
Side A:
01 Peter Bjorn and John – “High Up (Take Me To The Top)”
02 Spy Numbers – “Jem’Eveille”
03 Hortlax Cobra – “Let There Be Drums”
04 Astropol – “Sound of a Heart”

Side B:
01 Amason – “Velodrom”
02 Max Von Sydow – “Public Relations Computer”
03 Chris Olsson – “Thin Love”
04 Holiday for Strings – “The Rhythm”

Side C:
01 Chrissie Hynde – “Daddy’s Song”
02 Tussilago – “Waltza”
03 The Chinamen – “The New Deal”
04 Xander Duell – “Endure Me”

Side D:
01 Coco Morier and Julian Hamilton – “Touch of Gold”
02 Teddybears – “Shimmy Shimmy Style”
03 Dungeon Acid – “Sex Beat”
04 Peter Morén – “Hit Where It Hurts” (Sportsman Leopard Remix)