Peter Bjorn & John - "Dig A Little Deeper"


Wow, have Peter Bjorn & John gone surf pop?!?! “Dig A Little Deeper” is the second cut we've heard from their forthcoming Gimme Some, and is representative of what Peter Moren has stated about the record: “This time around we had the clear idea of going back to the basics – guitar, bass, drums.”

“Dig A Little Deeper” is inspired by a record store the trio visited in Berlin, the guitar riffs based off funk and r&b legend Archie Bell's “Tighten Up” from 1968. The song is a feel good, beach friendly pop anthem, where Peter, Bjorn and John sound like a 60s doo-wop group, nothing like the weird experimental pop of its predecessor, Living Thing. Gimme Some is out March 29th.