Hello PMA readers! Stay with us through the night as we watch the Grammys with you, providing minute-by-minute commentary on the highs and the lows of tonight's telecast. And all the while, make sure to keep the conversation going in the comments below, as the more responses and reactions there are, the more fun and cool this whole thing becomes.

7:50- If for any reason you forgot how beautiful Beyonce was, this 60 Minutes is doing its best to remind you.

7:53- Big news for those of you who haven't heard, the pre-show's big initial winner: Phoenix took home the Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album for their stellar Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix!

7:58- Getting pumped for the opening act, slated to be Gaga and Elton John. The question not what songs they will sing (although @arjanwrites has already spoiled that one!) but who will be wearing the crazier outfit!

8:03- Lady Gaga is putting on a show, being burned alive, wearing ridiculous shoulder-pads, mixing up the "Poker Face" intro, and exposing way too much of her crotch.

8:04- And now, dueting with Elton John! They sound beautiful together, and the contrast with the low-key song to the ridiculous ash, glasses, and earrings they are wearing is quite jarring. But this whole thing is brilliant, they're fantastic together.

8:07- And straight from Gaga/John to Colbert. "What up, Z, how ya doing?" What does everyone think so far? Colbert warns his daughter to stay away from Katy Perry, they're giving him some host-like duties tonight, this is smart.

8:11- And topical too! Great iPad joke, and Colbert pokes fun of Jay-Z a second time. This time, Mr. Carter flashes a big smile.

8:12- Song of the year being given out pretty quick, goes to: Beyonce and company for "Single Ladies!" Where's Kanye?

8:14- YES. Here comes Green Day and their Broadway friends for "21 Guns." This is gonna be special.

8:17- DOUBLE YES! Green Day's songs were made for the stage. This is great, our generation may have it's Rent. Time for me to buy Broadway tix!

8:21- Seems like the blogosphere is hating on Green Day's theatrical performance. I loved it, what did you all think?

8:24- @Mr. Sayersay, what are you nervous for? I can't imagine a 3-D tribute to Michael Jackson with Usher being bad. Hope you all picked up your 3-D glasses at Target today?

8:25- Best country album about to be awarded. Can't see Taylor Swift losing. Do we like the "internet" theme the Grammys have this year in all their video packages? I dig it.

8:26- Taylor's got it! I can't think of a good Kanye joke!

8:28- Why is the mentalist introducing Beyonce? Why is Beyonce in the military? This will be cool.

8:29- Hey! Beyonce grabbed her crotch! But let's just say, she doesn't look like a boy at all. Still, her voice is making this performance, she can sing.

8:33- Beyonce always changes up her songs for live performances, but she really went all-out with this horn section-filled, Alanis Morissette-covering rendition of "If I Were A Boy." Nice.

8:38- While the Grammys are great at highlighting the best in pop, they missed an opportunity to seem very in-touch when Vampire Weekend's album topped the charts. They should have been booked for a performance (or at least Phoenix).

8:40- Here comes Pink. She loves performing in mid-air, as she phenomenally proved on MTV's VMAs. Let's see if the second time will be as good.

8:43- PINK IS NAKED!! AHHHHH. Oh, and she's also flying.

8:44- It's incredibly cool that Pink can do this, I just wish she picked a more exciting song. Agreed with @PopTarts, "Thanks for choosing to perform your most boring song, woops there go the clothes...nevermind."

8:50- How is MGMT even nominated for Best New Artist? Oracular Spectacular came out in 2007! That said, MGMT was robbed!

8:54- Here comes Miley to introduce my favorite comedy group, the Black Eyed Peas. And sure enough, the Peas performance will include clips from fans so that their terrible robot dances won't be the main event.

8:55- Nevermind, with that mask, Will. I. Am. MAKES the robot dances the main event. BLACK EYED PEAS ARE STUPID! This song is catchy enough though (sarcasm).

8:58- These robot dancers sum up my opinion of the Black Eyed Peas. Stupid, clunky, and dumb. "I Gotta Feeling" is genuinely catchy though. No sarcasm. Where were the much-hyped fan videos? Seemed to me like all the attention was on Taboo and!

9:00- Lolz @thecultureofme: "If by "welcome to the future" you mean, "welcome to the armageddon"" He really does take himself that seriously, huh?

9:03- Winners list so far up on NY Times' site.

9:05- The Jonas Brothers are all grown up! Also, is it bad that this is pretty much the first time I've ever heard of Lady Antebellum?

9:08- And I don't think I'll be downloading Lady Antebellum's music anytime soon. But that performance was perfectly fine.

9:09- BEST COMEDY ALBUM! This is actually exciting, I hope  Colbert's Christmas special wins. Aziz will win this next year!

9:11- Colbert picks up a very deserved win. How was Weird Al nominated and not The Lonely Island? Colbert's daughter thinks he's cool now!

9:13- EXACTLY. @EWMusicMix: "Is it too late for me to nominate the Black Eyed Peas in the comedy category, too?"

9:15- Colbert's speech was great, but is it just me, or is this getting a tad boring? Hope they didn't stack the first 20 minutes too much...

9:17- Here comes Ringo to save the show! And Norah Jones, too.

9:19- Kings of Leon for the year! "Use Somebody" really is an incredible song, whether you think they sold out or not.

9:21- Love Jamie Foxx, kind of hate this song. But I love Jamie Foxx, so that's all that matters right now.

9:26- Nevermind, even my love for Jamie Fox isn't making up for how lousy, shout-y, and over-autotuned this performance is. My ears hurt. Also, is Justin Bieber 12? This show needs to pick up some steam...

9:30- PMA friends Pigeons and Planes continually updating their site with videos of performances.

9:34- Green Day pick up a deserved win for 21st Century Breakdown. Even better, Billie Joe Armstrong is going to take shots with Kings of Leon in a collision that would make many KoL fans cry.

9:36- These Zac Brown guys are great, but the more I watch them, the more I wish the Avett Brothers were playing the Grammys.

9:41- Coming up, Taylor Swift with Stevie Nicks. Should be great, this show needs some more star power.

9:45- Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person in the world who likes Ryan Seacrest. Here he is, introducing...Swift? Yep.

9:47- Swift's a little off, but she was probably saving her voice for this big performance with Stevie Nicks. But she's still off now...yuck.

9:50- Saving herself with this folksy version of "You Belong With Me," phew!

9:52- Ready for some 3-D? It'll be just like Avatar, except with Michael Jackson.

9:57- Best part of this 3-D was Smokey in front of the audience, that was too cool. This whole performance is great though. And Beyonce's 3-D glasses head-bopping? Hysterical.

10:00- Excellent tribute, although I wonder if people's eyes hurt more without the glasses or with them.

10:02 Nice zinger @PigeonsandPlanes: "Will.I.Am wore 3-D glasses as a fashion statement. He is enraged now that half the audience is wearing them."

10:03- Waiting on "Forever" with Drake and that ever gonna happen?

10:06- @EWMusicMix teases: "Thinking about tuning out now that Swift and the Jackson tribute are done? DON'T. Dave Matthews' number is reeeeaally good." Glad to hear it. Hope he plays "Why I Am," that's such a great track.

10:09- Here's Bon Jovi. You can still vote for their third song. And to be honest, I think I'd rather do that than sit through the first two. No offense, but how many times can I hear "Who Says You Can't Go Home" in one lifetime?

10:14- Shocker, the fans picked "Livin' On A Prayer!" This is kind of like what Bon Jovi playing the Super Bowl halftime show would be like. Two songs too many!

10:15- Speaking of the Super Bowl halftime show, where's Bruce tonight?

10:18- "Knock You Down" should win this one, although I really love all of these songs.

10:19- Jay-Z and company take it, and one of Twitter's trending topics should become even more trending now: Where is Kanye???

10:22- If you don't already, please  follow me (@offy56) on TWITTER. I'm tweeting about the Grammys as well AND always have cool music tweets for ya.

10:24- Wyclef with a nice shout-out to Haiti, he's become quite the public figure this month.

10:28- Bocelli and Mary J. sound fantastic on "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

10:31- Good balance of acts this year for old people and young. The Elton John/Gaga intro perfectly set the stage for the rest of the night. Pumped for DMB and Drake.

10:37- WAIT. How cool would it be if Kanye shocked the world and came out to do his part during "Forever." RIGHT? And if I called that, you heard it here first!

10:40- BORING ALERT! BORING ALERT! I'm bored. Un-bore me, Grammys! Quick!

10:41- Adam Sandler, perfect choice to un-bore me. He's so funny, ready to introduce DMB. Should be excellent.

10:43- @EWMusicMix: "The brass band in this Dave Matthews Band number is made of high schoolers from across the country. As Dave told me, "they can BLOW." Dave and friends sound awesome, this is a great song. Why don't I have the album yet?

10:46- Wow. Dave Matthews showing people how it's done. What a phenomenal, phenomenal performance, reminiscent of last year's "15 Step" in its grandeur and epic-ness.

10:47- Beyonce takes home Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for one of her best tracks, the stomping, booming "Halo."

10:54- LL Cool J still exists? Cool! (J.)

10:55- Excited to see Maxwell, as I don't know his music well enough.

10:57- Good voice...who's the special guest? It's...

10:58- Roberta Flack! Okay! I am enjoying this performance, but it's at the point where I'm realizing how long this show is. Wow.

11:01- Lots of amazing people in music were lost this year. I kind of wish they kept "Blowing In The Wind" as the soundtrack to this entire montage, but it's still well-done.

11:03- Jeff Bridges winning a lot of awards lately, "The Dude" ready to pay tribute to Les Paul with Jeff Beck and some friends.

11:06- Beck is great, but this is a little boring, right?

11:08- @SpinMagazine notes: no mention of Jay Reatard in the "In Memoriam" tribute. That's not terrible though, he wasn't really a name in mainstream music.

11:12- Quentin Tarantino makes incredible movies. But for some reason, I hate his whole demeanor. Oh well.

11:13- Come on Drake, blow me away. And KANYE BETTER SHOW UP! Haha. Weezy baby!

11:14- Lovin' the Travis Barker remix of this jam, but it doesn't even sound like "Forever!"

11:15- How much are they gonna edit out? My sound just cut out for a good seven seconds. How many curses can Weezy fit into seven seconds?

11:16- Wait, this isn't "Forever." Oh. But wait. Now it is.

11:17- NOW this is sick. Hope Em and Weezy still get to do their verses.

11:18- Eminem is my favorite on this track. He's unreal, beats per minute off the charts right now. "Nuts they go, macadamian!"

11:19- That was awesome. So really then, where the hell is Kanye?

11:20- SO TRUE. @Thecultureofme: "this is most amazing performance NONE OF US ARE HEARING MOST OF." Way too much of that was edited. Why didn't they just not curse?

11:26- The moment we have not been waiting for- Album of the Year! Wait, The E.N.D. is nominated? What a joke.

11:27- Taylor Swift, America's sweetheart, takes it home. No Kanye joke, I promise. I've gained respect for T-Swift following her SNL performances, she seems really genuine. Congrats to T-Swift!

11:28- Glad that my boy John Legend signed us off. Solid show, hope everyone enjoyed both the live-blog and the Grammys themselves! Thanks for watching with PMA.