Poliça - "Smug"

Listen to another track from Poliça's upcoming album, Shulamith
polica shulamith

The songs we've heard from Poliça's sophomoric outing, Shulamith, have so far dealt with tumultuous relationships of varying kinds. The Justin Vernon assisted "Tiff" is about inner-struggle, painting graphic images, not unlike our #1 song of 2012, Fiona Apple's "Every Single Night." On "Chain My Name" Channy Leaneagh wonders "So are we made just to fight?" This new song, "Smug," is probably the most straightforward of the bunch, with lines like "You wear smug so very well/ If you were ever in love with me/ I could never tell."

Musically, "Smug" is also the most immediate of the three, making good use of wild, skittering drum patterns and mewling synth calls to create that misty, slinky atmosphere Poliça thrives in. Indeed, it's why some of the more colorful of music critics have described this band as "a heavily digitized Norah Jones atop Radiohead at its most polyrhythmic."

Shulamith is out October 22.


Poliça - Shulamith tracklist
01 Chain My Name
02 Smug
03 Vegas
04 Warrior Lord
05 Very Cruel
06 Torre
07 Trippin
08 Tiff
09 Spilling Lines
10 Matty
11 I Need $
12 So Leave