REC'D: Porcelain Raft - "Unless You Speak From Your Heart"


Porcelain Raft’s Mauro Remiddi is on a hot streak with his woozy, reverb-drenched electropop jams. The latest track to see daylight from his debut record Strange Weekend, “Unless You Speak From Your Heart,” will end up being the “Two Weeks” of 2012 if we have anything to say about it – it’s not just that piano riff that draws similarities, it’s in that irresistible spreading-smile jubilance and mixtape-ready catchiness, that sun-blinded, day-drunk instant carefree anthem feeling, too.

We’d be into anything that toes the line between Grizzly Bear’s orchestral chamber indie and Neon Indian’s poppy, reverby electro, and it’s safe to say Remiddi’s killing it doing just that. Secretly Canadian will drop Strange Weekend on January 24; you’ll likely have no problem putting this one on repeat in the meantime.

PORCELAIN RAFT – "Unless You Speak From Your Heart"

Check out another fantastic cut from the album, "Put Me To Sleep":

PORCELAIN RAFT – "Put Me To Sleep"

Strange Weekend:
01 Drifting In and Out
02 Shapeless & Gone
03 Is It Too Deep for You?
04 Put Me to Sleep
05 Backwords
06 Unless You Speak From Your Heart
07 The End of Silence
08 If You Have a Wish
09 Picture
10 The Way In

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