Premiere: Jamaican Queens - "Joe"

It's party music for an amorphous, scary future.
jamaican queens

Jamaican Queens are three guys from Detroit who excel at making an impossibly catchy brand of trappy pop - did you spend all of 2013 listening to "Kids Get Away," because, um, I did - and we're psyched to premiere a new track from them, "Joe." Frontman Ryan Spencer wrote the song during a brutal Detroit winter he spent worrying about the future, and it shows - with a heartbeat bass thump keeping time, Spencer sings about trying to seduce a crush, dealing with depressed friends, and various insecurities bestowed by his Republican dad over crystalline synths; it's clubby music for an anxious generation preoccupied by an amorphous, scary future. Alright! Check it out - hopefully this means more music is on its way from these guys soon.