Preview Kanye's "U Mad" Verse and Kendrick's "All Day" Remix


As some people have noted, the recently ubiquitous Kanye West has been missing in action ever since Kendrick Lamar dropped his monumental third LP, To Pimp a Butterfly. Has Kanye been scrambling to bring So Help Me God up to the standard Kendrick has set for 2015? Maybe. Hopefully. Though this isn't anything from the Kanye himself, we do have two new painfully short teases of new material from the man.

The first is a glimpse of Kanye's verse on Yeezy protégé du jour Vic Mensa's upcoming single, "U Mad" — the follow-up to Mensa's terrific breakout "Down On My Luck" — which Vic teased during a DJ set recently. Second is a seven second long clip of Kendrick Lamar's remix of Kanye's latest single "All Day". So, that's happening!