Preview: M.I.A. - "Come Walk With Me"

MIA Come Walk With Me

Remember when M.I.A. said that Interscope had delayed the release of her new album Matangi because they felt the album was "too positive"? And remember how ridiculous that sounded in the face of "Bad Girls" and "Bring The Noize"? Well, it turns out Maya was not full of shit. Earlier today she took to SoundCloud to upload a 90-second preview of "Come Walk With Me" - which we heard in demo form last year - and it's brighter and sunnier than anything we've ever heard from M.I.A. So bright and sunny that it prompted a commenter to say "IT REMINDS ME OF 'HANNAH MONTANA'." We don't know about that, man. We kind of dig it.

Listen to it here.

Check out the decidedly harder-hitting demo version below:

Mantangi is out November 5.