Preview: The Dead Weather, "BUZZKILL(ER)"

Plus a rare live recording of the White Stripes' "Hello Operator"

There's this episode of American Dad where the CIA gives Stan Smith a pill that gives him a huge boost of energy so he never has to sleep, thus giving him that many more hours to be productive, or in his case, play video games. Defying all logic and reason, I believe that Jack White, somehow, has also obtained this pill...

How else to explain the seemingly endless amount of work he's been doing in 2014, his international tour, giving journalists very entertaining interviews, releasing his latest, Lazaretto, and to top it all off, working on a new Dead Weather album. Concerning the latter, in anticipation of its 2015 release, White is putting out a series of two-song singles; we saw the first installment “Open Up (That’s Enough)” and “Rough Detective” back in January, and now we can hear a preview of “Buzzkill(er),” which appears on the next installment. In order to buy the new 7" single, join Third Man Records' Vault Subscription Series. White will also be releasing a new vinyl live album from the White Stripes days called Live Under The Lights Of The Rising Sun, recorded in Japan in October, 2000. You can preview the live version of "Hello Operator" below as well.

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