Purity Ring remixes Lady Gaga's "Applause"


Did we die and go to heaven or something? Is my heart still beating or is that an echo from the bass refraction of Purity Ring's remix of Lady Gaga's comeback single "Applause"? It's like, I'm interested to know but am not interested in pausing the song to find out. Purity Ring's Corin Roddick told Dazed Digital he saved only Gaga's vocals from the original, substituting entirely his own instrumentation - you might recognize some of his favorite elements, like echoed and edited vocals, huge bass drones, soaring synths, clattering drum machine. The end product is an absolutely awesome, totally massive anthem - even Gaga herself tweeted praise about it this morning. If you're more interested in original Purity Ring music, you probably don't have too long to wait: Roddick also told Dazed Digital that he and Megan James were working steadily on a new record. Stay tuned!